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Olá, Think Orange is a studio that helps companies design and build products that improve their online business.

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Presentation and usability are two key factors for a successful product. Web, apps, branding, flyers, presentations and even videos, we can create all for a consistent appeal.


We can build and develop the right tool for your online presence, from corporate websites to complex web applications that deal with your business rules.
We can make it happen.


We're experienced in developing modern applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Or mobile friendly versions for displaying the best possible experience on the go.


We can work with you to maximise your online presence and use our experience to advise your best course of action.


Over the years we've been helping companies monetize their digital presence, here's a taste:


We're a fantastic creative studio located in Lisbon, Portugal with works available around the world. We're passionate about design and combining technology to help business solve problems.

Think Orange was started in 2009 by Pedro Sousa and Rui Leitão, with the desire to combine technology and design skills to create tools that help businesses do more and simplify problems.

This passion to treat design as an essential component of any website or application became part of the studio DNA. Over the years, it's been showcased in several publications and websites.

It also lead to several partnerships with different designers and developers to explore new techniques and deliver fresh experiences. The team has grown over the years but the desire to keep doing epic stuff still goes on.

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Awards and references

  • Studio of the Month at Computer Arts PT July (2011).
  • Featured in Revista Bit (2011).
  • 3rd Place Best Mobile App (with Mechanical Pomodoro) at Prémios Meios e Publicidade (2011).
  • Featured in Web Design Index By Content 5 (2011).
  • Entrepreneurship Award from PT Comunicações (2009).
  • Codebits Winner at Sapo Codebits contest (2008).


  • Shop Translator let's you translate your Shopify Store.
  • Mechanical Pomodoro is a productivity tool for the iPhone.
  • Pistachio is a sketching tool for the iPhone/iPad.
  • MBNET Redesign was a proof of concept created during Sapo Codebits.
  • Roadie was a tool for keeping you updated with your favorite music releases.


We're dedicated, experienced and passionate about simplifying and tearing down problems, we love technology, we love the web and look forward working with you to get things done.

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