Teresa Alecrim


Teresa Alecrim


Design, Shopify Development, Ruby on Rails Web Development, Payment Integration, Newsletters, Social Media Strategy



Teresa Alecrim is a portuguese brand that exists since 1981 which grew to become one of the references for textiles and home decor.

The team worked hard to create a online presence that reflected all the values which the brand represented and provide with an accessible way to browse and shop for the products we all love about them.

The store had several custom integrations with stock management software and invoicing, which increased productivity in internal processes.

site presentation

The classic look combined with detailed pictures gave a classic timeless cosy atmosphere to the shop.

site presentation

In parallel to the store, we created a design strategy for the newsletters and social media presence in order to achieve a balance look across all online mediums.

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Design, Ruby on Rails Web Development, Mobile


Design, iPhone app, iPad app

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