We help companies design and build digital products that improve their online business.

Think Orange is a design studio founded by Pedro Sousa and Rui Leitão in 2008 with the goal of combining the technology they love with agile fundamentals to create amazing digital products.

Design philosophy

Keep it simple

We provide our clients and partners functional and intuitive material. Our process focuses on being creative and innovative, with the end goal of delivering a product that is simple to understand and use.


Function over form

Between functionality and aesthetics, functionality comes first. Good design doesn’t mean it looks great — it should work, be intuitive and performant.


Less is more

Less clutter means a better experience. Users should be able to clearly understand the message, quickly perform the tasks they need and get the outcome they expect.

We stand for continuous growth so we wrote these core values to guide us personally and professionally. Our industry is ever-changing, so we must keep learning and be focused on being the very best versions of ourselves.

Our Core Values

Be transparent and open

We communicate continuosly with customers so that they are part of the development process, from early prototyping to testing and measuring results.


Do more with less

Startups and small businesses often work with very tight budgets. We strive to make the most of the resources available. There’s always room for improvement and efficiency.


Strive for collaboration

Working together with clients gives us a better chance of succeeding. The diversity of backgrounds, ideas and viewpoints are key to achieving the final goal.


Experiment and learn from mistakes

Every year we take 2 months to experiment, explore and launch side-projects. Sometimes they are a big hit, other times they fail tremendously. We learn from every experience.


Be passionate about your work

Passion is the fuel that drives us. As a company and as individuals, we love what we do. We believe in, and rarely take "no" for an answer.


Positive team and family spirit

Our lives are constantly influenced by others. As a team, we acknowledge that. That's why we aim to foster an environment that breathes positivity and a workplace that feels like home.


Be Humble

Nothing in life is granted. There WILL be roadblocks. So we stay humble, carry ourselves in a quiet confidence, and go about treating other as we’d like to be treated ourselves.


Keep learning

We believe in continuous growth, personally and professionally. This industry is always changing so we must keep learning and strive to unlock our full potential.


Don’t follow Trends

“New” does not mean “better”. Being flashy doesn’t make it adequate. “Tried and tested” does. We are thoughtful about choosing the technology and technique to apply, and when to apply it. Making informed decisions is more important than being trendy.

Technologies we love

We're not A.I. powered robots, behind the nitty gritty pixels there's a team of fun lovin humans who'd love to meet you.

2017 AWARD Honorable Mention for web design from Awwwards
2011 Publication Studio of the month at Computer Arts PT July
2011 Publication Featured in Revista Bit
2011 AWARD 3rd Place Best Mobile App at Meios e Publicidade Awards
2011 REFERENCE Featured in Web Design Index By Content 5
2009 AWARD Entrepreneurship Award from PT Comunicações
2008 AWARD App Winner at Sapo Codebits competition
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