David Fonseca


David Fonseca


Ruby on Rails Web Development, Payment Services



When artists were figuring out how to use the web to their advantage, David Fonseca was ahead of it's time by creating the Amazing Cats Club, a place where fans could have access to exclusive music tracks, buy concert tickets and engage with the community.

The whole platform allowed fans to share photos and videos with the rest of the community, as well as get access to the whole discography and exclusive deals on tickets.

site presentation, ipad version

The Amazing Cats Club had a yearly subscription which gave access to some exclusive deals. It was also possible to buy concert tickets before they were available in other places.

site presentation

We worked to create a platform for David Fonseca that brought artist and fans together. The whole back catalog of videos and music tracks was available online. Fans could also share their own videos with the community.

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