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3rd Place Best Mobile App at Prémios Meios e Publicidade



Mechanical Pomodoro was our first self-made product for the iPhone in 2011. At the time we were engaged in discovering new techniques for boosting productivity at the work place and stumbled upon the Pomodoro Technique by Cirillo Company.

It felt like a new and refreshing way to tackle interruptions and control the work flow. We immediately thought an iOS app would be a perfect fit so we started working on a concept for the app that mixed Steampunk design influences with a simple way to keep track of our time.

The unique proposition made the app a success and was featured in several publications and received one award.

iphone app presentation

The app had a very unique look and feel, with it's spinning gears, velvet ropes and texturized buttons all pointing to a device that was from another time.

app graphic image

The app was featured in several websites like TUAW or Lifehacker, in design publications and received an award at the portuguese Meios and Publicidade Awards 2011.

3rd Place Best Mobile App at Prémios Meios e Publicidade
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