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Candor is a startup that wants to disrupt the renting financing system by presenting a new way to engage companies and speeding up processes.

We worked closely in development sprints, quickly producing a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of a tool that would help Candor make better, faster business decisions. We used each step to evaluate what worked and discard what doesn't.

This approach managed to get valuable insights which were used in the final mobile app and in the design strategy.

Candor's app was central to the business. It allowed customers to quickly simulate renting scenarios and sign-off in minutes. A big difference that set Candor apart from competition.

web app vs mobile app

We took several iterations to prototype the app for Candor. With each development sprint we set goals and learned with data from real users what worked and what needed to change. This made a big difference in creating a valuable product.

site infographic elements

The website featured sections designed as little infography pieces to desconstruct the numbers behind the platform and easily transmit FeedZai's core strenghts.

desktop vs ipad site presentation

The website was designed to showcase how Candor operates and clarify how renting could help businesses succeed. We created a clean look with positive illustrations that reinforced the idea of growth and success.

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Design, Branding, Ruby on Rails Development, Continuous integration


Design, Branding, Wordpress Development, Mobile Development

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