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Invoicing is an important part of any business. We wanted to build a way for Shopify Shop owners to automate the creation and sending invoices to their customers whenever a order was complete.

We had previously worked on the Ruby Gem for the invoicing platform InvoiceXpress so we felt it was perfect to marry these two services.

We worked in small dev sprints and designed a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that followed Shopify's guidelines and allowed shop owners to automate most of their work.

responsive design

The onboarding process was very important for the app because we needed to request different information from customers in a guided way.

responsive design

When designing the app, we put special care in making it integrated with Shopify but still having a look and feel that's unique to the experience.

site infographic elements

We designed many custom little infography and icons to desconstruct numbers in the dashboard and present key information in other sections of the app.

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