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Eventfuel.io was first created as prototype for a startup conference in Lisbon, Portugal called Silicon Valley Comes to Lisbon in 2011. We worked meticulously with Tasboa to create a full product that helped manage events and conferences.

In 2016, Eventfuel powers over 2000 events in over 100 cities and 15 languages.

The product consisted in several apps working together, we designed an iPhone/iPad app for attendees and a distinct app for Staff Members that let's them manage the event information in real-time.

ipad, iphone, iwatch attendees app presentation

The mobile app allowed attendees to check in events by themselves, no papers required. Visitors could consult the agenda, be notified of changes, take notes of each talk and give instant feedback on surveys.

poll results example

The app was always in sync, so attendees would always get access to the updated schedule. They could also receive push-notifications and participate in polls.

Estimote iBeacons were used so that attendees could receive directions and important notifications in events with multiple rooms and floors.

iphone vs ipad team app

Organizers and their team could manage their events, allow real-time changes and get important post-event feedback through the always online web version. A pilot app was later developed to aid staff during events.

iwatch attendees app
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Design, Ruby on Rails Web Development, Continuous integration, Cloud Services, Payment Services

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