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Stuward is a startup on a mission to provide support for family caregivers who are taking care of their loved ones.

We worked closely with the founders and team to prototype a app that validated the business assumptions and iterated during several months of testing to build a minimum viable product.

We used several modern techniques and best practices to continuosly build, test and assert the product during development sprints.

Using Heroku's cloud infrastructure we were able to quickly prototype and test new functionalities while keeping costs controllable.

In 2016 the startup won several awards like the seif Audience Award and SUVA Award for Integration and Prevention.

site, app and identity presentation

It was important to create a familiar and friendly image for the brand which the target audience could relate with. The Atomic Design methodology was used to produce the interface design systems.

ipad vs web app

The continuous iterations allowed the team to create new concepts and validate the results with real customer data. This knowledge was valuable to quickly adapt the app and the business to the reality.

site presentation

The website was designed to convey Stuward's main message of support for the caregivers and their families. It was developed on a seperate app to allow for quick updates without interfering with Stuward.


During Christmas the website gave families the opportunity to buy a gift with months of support from Stuward's mentors. Payment was easy thanks to the integration with Stripe's API.

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Design, Ruby on Rails Web Development, Mobile

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