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Design, Branding, Ruby on Rails Development, Continuous integration

We worked with startup Suntricity to create a product that enabled customers like schools, hotels or other organizations to monitor their energy/water costs.

The team designed a web application that facilitated the analysis of information and comparing with other local organizations. This allowed customers to reduce their energy or water bills.

Using quick development sprints and continuous integration, we worked quickly to create a prototype to put in the hands of prospective customers.

We used Heroku's cloud infrastructure to build and host the several components that are part of the app, growing the resources as we need.

iphone, ipad and web app presentation

The team worked in 2 week sprints to create the first minimum valuable product and taking time to assert and validate the business goals in each iteration.

login and ipad app
ipad app

The app allowed customers to analyse their energy costs through detailed reports and graphs. By detecting leaks and comparing results with other organizations, the app allowed customers to save money.

web app
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Design, Branding, Wordpress Development, Mobile Development


Design, Ruby on Rails Web Development, Continuous integration, iOS Development

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